Craig, Founder Change Hunters

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Craig has been leading strategic business transformation and driving positive driven performing cultural change in business for over 20 years.

Following stints in banking and accountancy, Craig entered the commercial world in the Consumer Pharmaceuticals. Then into Health and Beauty, FMCG, Consumer Technology and B2B hardware, software and services.

During his career Craig has, been key member on the global strategic team for an organisation with revenues over $30bn, successfully lead teams of over 1000 people, lead the turnaround of a business that was losing $32m annually to sustainable profit, lead organisations through sustained periods of growth, mentored start-ups, coached entrepreneurs, implemented major business transformations that fundamentally change business outcomes.

Craig has a passion for creating high performing culture and innovative leadership, is driven by developing great strategy. He believes that all success in business comes back to people , and that right now there are far better ways to lead and transform, and that is the core reason he founded Change Hunters.

Change Hunters is a collective of partnerships with professionals skilled in their area of expertise, that are introduced on the basis that change Hunters will always find the best solution for a problem, even if it is outside their business. Because it is all about the customer.

Craig has been on Boards for over 10 years and while founding Change Hunters is on multiple Boards and has investments in technology companies.

When not hunting for better ways to grow business, you will find Craig close to Sunshine beach, either in the surf, or on a yoga mat, or quite likely with a glass of wine in hand